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: Disposable ecigarette

  • Disposable

  • Practical

  • Ready to use

  • 7 Premium flavours

BO Jet e-cigarettes are all-in-one, ready-to-use electronic cigarettes, perfect for occasional use in the evenings or on vacation. Don’t let your evenings be spoiled by the smells of cigarettes! BO Jet are the simplest single-use electronic cigarettes that exist, all you have to do is vape to enjoy them. These all-in-one ecigs do not require any additional accessories and can be used directly, without any delay or complicated handling. Enjoy the best e-liquids from BO Vaping in a simple, accessible and affordable format.

The disposable ecigarette


Battery, atomizers, e-liquids, cotton, wicks, resistors … Forget the boring vocabulary and prepare your lungs, you just need to vape to take advantage of the BO Jet!

Ready to vape

No need to recharge it, no need to fill it, no need to press a button. Even simpler than a classic cigarette, and without odors!

20mg salt nicotine

Soft for the throat and satisfying, the nicotine salts used in the BO Jet ensure rapid absorption to fill the gap as quickly as possible!

7 Premium flavours

7 flavors among the best sellers of BO Vaping! Rediscover the best of BO Vaping e-liquids in this original and tasty range.

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