Butterscotch Tobacco

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Pure elegance. A deftly balanced blend of sweet butterscotch with rich, earthy notes of tobacco.

  • 0mg
  • 8mg
  • 16mg

About BO Caps

At Bo we focus on using premium ingredients to deliver the most authentic and satisfying flavours to your Bo Vaping experience. All Bo Caps are the result of the unique synergy between our expert flavorists and our research and design team, a concentration of knowledge, experience and vision that has made Bo Vaping into a market leader in vaping. Bo e-liquid caps contain no diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl, and at Bo Vaping we exclusively use high-grade, premium materials to obtain complete consistency, safety and enjoyment for our customers.


  • Each Bo pack comprises 2 Bo caps (pods) (excluding CBD)
  • Each Bo CBD pack comprises a single Bo cap (pod)
  • Compatible with Bo Plus and Bo One
  • Each Bo cap contains 1.5ml e-liquid
  • 0, 8 and 16mg/ml nicotine available
  • 20mg/ml salt nicotine available

1 review for Butterscotch Tobacco

  1. knauf (verified owner)

    The Butterscotch Tobacco Bo Caps are one of the best liquids I’ve found so far. Also, the revision of the caps is very successful. The caps do not run out at all. So far I have only found something like this with Bo Caps.

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Enjoy a rich, intense taste and a smooth draw.

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Each Bō Cap holds 1.5ml of e-liquid, more than double the capacity of its competitors. Made from premium ingredients, Bō Caps consistently deliver intense and satisfying flavour.

4 Ingredients

  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring

0 / 8 / 16 mg/ml

The Bō Caps are made with the most popular flavors we have developed in our eliquid laboratories. 3 quantities of nicotine are available to match your desires.

Bō Simplicity

Caps are easy to insert. No mess, no fuss — just pure vaping pleasure.