BO Jet : disposable

BO Jet Polar Mint


Disposable e-cigarette, preloaded with the already known BO Caps Polar Mint flavor, in 20mg/ml Salt Nicotine.
Bringing dense vapour and an unrivalled finish on the palate, wake up your tastebuds with the unrivalled freshness of polar mint. Perfect for hot and sunny summer days.

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BO is reinventing the single-use e-cigarette. Be smart!

It has finally arrived. Discover the most advanced single-use electronic cigarette ever designed. All the beloved features of the BO Vaping family have been brought together in a single e-cigarette which is both practical and perfectly designed, reduced to the essentials: eminently easy to use, the BO Jet is available in a range of flavors of e-liquid based on nicotine salt for an even more satisfying, practical and pleasant vape. BO Jet offers you an indirect inhalation that produce a vapor close to a regular cigarette with a tight draft. Are you ready?

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