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Refillable Pod for BO Micro

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Lightweight, 1.6ml capacity refillable pod for BO Micro devices.

It couldn’t be simpler: simply pop out your pod, refill with your favourite e-liquid and vape! The most convenient, cost-effective pod system around.

×2 Refillable PODS per pack.

Refillable Pods are not compatible with BO One or BO Plus products

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Miniature size. Maximum power.

The BO MICRO represents the very zenith of the scaled-down open-system ecigarette: a marriage of clean, refined and elegant lines; innovative refillable pods, rapid charging capability, 3-day battery life and bespoke-blended e-liquids, Bo Micro is available in a choice of three stylish aluminium finishes (matte black, metallic grey or metallic pink). Go Micro.


  • Mini Size: 106 × 24 × 11mm
  • Refillable Pods: free to vape the BO Eliquid of your choice
  • Long lasting battery: 400 puffs
  • 3 coatings available: Matte Black, Metallic Pink & Metallic Grey

Mini Size.
Maximum Power.


Miniature in size, the Bo Micro fits comfortably into the palm of a hand, a pocket, handbag or wallet.

Refillable Pods

Bo Micro’s refillable pod system allows users to switch flavours with ease. For best results, use BO Eliquids
Warning: Refillable Pods are not compatible with BO One or BO Plus products


Bo Micro boasts USB-C rapid-charge capability and an astonishly powerful battery. Perfectly-sized, practical and powerful, BO Micro is set to become an indispensible device for the modern vaper.


Thanks to its proprietary Refillable Pod system, Bo Micro offers a completely leak-free user experience.

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  1. cl

    Why aren’t the pods for bo one also refillable? So much plastic waste, I already regret buying it.

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